thewiseducation is an interactive online on demand video,teaching and homework subscription website for all ages that builds students engagement and consolidates knowledge and skills.


In our experience, learners typically find it easier to understand LESSONS if a teacher has more time to focus on the class, rather than spending time illustrating concepts on the board.

thewiseducation animations, tools and randomized questions helps teachers demonstrate concepts more effectively. Students can also access these lessons from home for revision.


Teachers can continually assess their students’ understanding and progress with online homework tasks that complement every lesson.

These resources use randomly generated numbers and exrecises so every time you go back to a task, the questions change. This makes our Online Homework realistic and rigorous, as students are challenged every time they attempt a task.


Assessment is at the heart of thewiseducation. Automarked, homework activities provide an opportunity for formative assessment, with results fed through instantly to the Assessment Manager.

  • The Assessment Manager is a powerful system used to track individual pupils’ progress, and monitor and assess classes
  • A traffic light system is used to see at a glance if a student is on track to reach his or her goal
  • Teachers and parents can quickly identify areas of weakness
  • Comments can be added to encourage and direct pupils to appropriate work
  • Students and parents can check progress online through the student’s login and parents login


Booster Packs are stand-alone blocks of work targeted at specific achievement boundaries, for example getting from an B+ to an A. Certain packs include national exam style questions, to build assessment confidence. Others have an emphasis on consolidation and practice, through games.

Many teachers find these packs helpful for increasing their students’ confidence in mathematics and other subjects, particularly around exam time.


At The Wise Education  we believe students should be fully engaged whilst learning and practising  skills.The platform includes games and activities that enable students to consolidate their learning effectively.

For even more stimulation and interaction, our range of multi-player games enables users to play against other students around the world.