Business English Course

Learn essential Business English vocabulary for presentations, meetings, negotiations, phone calls, e-mails, and more!

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Child development and Psychology

Review the child development theories in the contemporary society and how you can use psychology to help various personalities of children and youths.

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Fitness Lifestyle Design

You will discover habits of body and mind that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. You will measure your current fitness level, nutrition knowledge, and create a plan for achieving your individual goals.

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Parenting Skills

Parenting involves more than having a child and providing food and shelter. Take this  course to explore parenting roles and responsibilities, nurturing and protective environments for children, positive parenting strategies, and effective communication in parent/child relationships.

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Basic computer skills

Learn basic computer applications and use them to solve the problems of the day. In this course you will explore the miscrosoft office application packages as well as get introduced to the world of technology.

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